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San Diego County RID is a non-profit organization committed to professional development, networking and fundraising efforts for professional interpreters, students of interpreting, and supporters of the interpreting community. 

Upcoming Events

San Diego County Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and Palomar College Present

Robyn Dean, CI/CT, PhD

   Saturday, November 11, 2017 9am - 5pm (0.7 CEUS)

Sunday, November 12, 2017 9am - 5pm (0.7 ceus)

(Sunday:must be a nationally certified and/or working Deaf Interpreter)

Saturday, November 11, 2017 9am - 5pm (0.7 CEUS)

Justice Reasoning: How Our Ethical Discourse Counters Our Ethical Claims

Since its beginning, the sign language interpreting profession has made moral and justice claims as its raison d’etre. That is, interpreters are there to provide access to deaf people. Interpreters also claim to make decisions that are referred to as empowering the Deaf person. Further, interpreters claim to be allies, and of recent distinction, is the focus on social justice.  However, when comparing some of these claims and the ethical content material of the interpreting profession with those of other service-based professions and the philosophies of justice-reasoning, the sign language interpreting profession falls short. It arguably falls short in part due the insufficient ethical constructs used in community interpreting.

This workshop explores the nature of ethical discourse in the field and problematizes the use of tools and devices that are not used in other professional fields.  Alternate frameworks based in values are further explored.

Please note: this is not a demand control schema (DC-S) workshop, though it will be alluded to – participants are expected to know the basic constructs proposed by DC-S.

Sunday, November 12, 2017 9am - 5pm (must be a nationally certified and/or working Deaf Interpreter)(0.7 ceus)

Promoting the Use of Normative Ethics in the Practice Profession of Community Interpreting

The ethical framework passed along to interpreters over the years has been dominated by the use of role metaphors.  Most publications about ASL interpreting will showcase the development of the practice and the ethics of interpreting by identifying metaphors such as conduit, communication facilitator, bilingual-bicultural mediator, member of the team, and ally. While to the average interpreter this might seem normal, these ethical constructs and processes set the interpreting profession apart from other professions.

Research has shown that practicing interpreters lag behind other professionals in their ethical reasoning and development. Further, new research with interpreting students hints at the potential that interpreting education impedes students’ normal ethical trajectory. This in part stems from the misuse of the practical and ethical constructs (e.g., metaphors) used in interpreted education and continued discourse. Metaphors are employed to describe.  Describing behaviors are not the same as evaluating behaviors; it is in evaluation that reasoning and judgment are developed.

Those who work with interpreters who are honing their practice and judgment skills need tools of evaluation not just description to advance the analytical and reasoning skills of developing professionals. This hybrid face-to-face and online training addresses these issues through lecture, homework, activities, and follow up supervision sessions.

Times and location

November 11, 2017 9:00 am - 5pm (.7 CEUs)

Room P-32, Palomar College

November 12, 2017 9:00 am - 5pm (.7 CEUs)

Room H-223, Palomar College


one hour lunch break - Lunch included with registration

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Please see our website for details on costs, deadlines for registration, and refund policy  additional questions, email us mentorship@sdcrid.org

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11 Nov 2017 9:00 AM • Palomar College, 1140 W. Mission Road, Sa Marcos, CA 92069
12 Nov 2017 9:00 AM • Palomar College, 1140 W. Mission Road, Sa Marcos, CA 92069
12 Jan 2018 6:00 PM • Deaf Community Services
16 Mar 2018 6:00 PM • Deaf Community Services


SDCRID Community Grant Application: 2016-2017 Camp


SDCRID is committed to giving back to our community. The Board of Directors have established a grant to be awarded yearly to a community member or organization that supports the Deaf and/or interpreting communities in San Diego County for a Deaf or Child of a Deaf Adult (CODA) to be used towards Camp registration fees.


Applications for the 2016-2017 Grant are due by February 28, 2017 and will be chosen at the March 10, 2017 Board and Chairs Meeting. Recipients will be announced at our General Membership Meeting on March 11, 2017 and contacted following the meeting.


Please submit your application along with a cover letter explaining who you are and how this award would help you. Applications can be mailed c/o SDCRID, PO Box 711856, San Diego, CA 92171 or emailed to board@sdcrid.org. Our current amount to be award for this year will be $732.80 and may be awarded to one or multiple applicants. 


To apply, click here: Grant Application.pdf 

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