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[Photo ID: Left to Right: SDCRID Board and Chairs, Alejandro, Annette, Geri, Lucy, Jessica T, Jessica C, Leah, Liz, Marisa, Reina, Sendy, and Paul standing behind a white background]

SDCRID Board and Committees


Leah Brown (2021-2022)

Leah was born and raised in San Diego. She graduated from California State University San Marcos in 2006 with a Bachelors degree in Sociology. In 2008 she graduated from the Interpreting program at Palomar College and began her career as a Sign Language Interpreter. When not working she enjoys spending time with her family practicing Taekwondo, mountain biking, surfing, camping and traveling.

Vice President

Jojo Sullivan (2021-2022)

JoJo Sullivan was born and raised in San Diego, the youngest, and many say the favorite of 3 CODAs born to Mike and Carol Gallagher. She became nationally certified in June of 2002. She had to go see about a boy up at Stanford University, where she continued to freelance and was introduced to VRS for the first time. After returning to San Diego and putting a ring on it, married life took her to Seattle. Seattle was a great place to live and work until JoJo became homesick…and then morning sick…so back to San Diego they went. Glad to be home and working her 20th year as a Freelance Interpreter, JoJo is looking forward to contributing to the SDCRID board for the first time.
Leah Brown (2021-2022)


Paul Gabriola (2021-2023)

Paul Gabriola was born and raised in San Diego and was first introduced to the Deaf community in 2008. He graduated from Palomar College’s ITP program in the Fall of 2019 and became nationally certified in February of 2020. After working and living in Washington, DC while completing his M.A. in Linguistics as Gallaudet University, he moved back to San Diego to continue to develop his skills. He now works in the greater San Diego area as a freelance interpreter and does VRS. He is a PhD candidate in the department of Linguistics at Gallaudet University. He is committed to ensuring the interpreting profession places a priority on diversity, equity and inclusion in the day-to-day work that is done.


Jessica Cole  (2021-2023)

Jessica grew up in Chula Vista and completed her undergraduate degree at Emerson College in Boston. She began working in Deaf education as an aide and later as a teacher for three years in Chula Vista before transitioning to the ITP at Mesa College.  She completed her program concurrently at Mesa and Palomar Colleges and began working as a freelance interpreter while also beginning her MA at UCSD where she studied ASL literature. After graduating and doing short stints in community freelancing and VRS, she settled into a job she loves with the San Diego County Office of Education, where she has been for 10 years.  In her free time Jessica loves to walk around the city, travel, read, and (over?)analyze pop culture for its social justice implications.

Community Representative I: Working Interpreter

Community Representative II: Deaf Community

Angelo Ricasata (2021-2023)

Angelo Ricasata is a 1st generation Deaf/Hard of Hearing & Filipino-American San Diegan native, having grown up in the military family. He had previously lived in Hawai'i for 4 years due to said military family life, and had attended Cal Poly Pomona for 6 years, with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. He has traveled to the Philippines, Japan, and Europe and has drawn inspiration from them to pursue his taste in architecture as well as cultures. He has worked at Palomar Community College from 2016-2018, as an ASL Lab Technician, and a Deaf mentor for Interpreting students in school and theatre settings. Currently, he works for a design company based in Miramar that specializes on home remodels and new builds. His passions lie not just in architecture, but also in performing arts (dancing and playing the violin), sketching, foreign languages (both verbal and nonverbal) as well as cultures. He had also performed for the Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival and the one-time San Diego Deaf Dance Performance Event, with his specialization in SongSign. He has a respectful and positive attitude, and ensures complete and in-depth understanding with communication among parties.

Community Representative III: Student – Palomar

Community Representative IV: Student – Mesa

Alejandro Servin (2021-2022)

My name is Alejandro Servin. Last spring, I completed my Associate of Arts in ASL Studies at Mesa and am currently in my first year of the Mesa Interpreter Training Program. I learned ASL to communicate better with my cousin, but interacting in the community gave me an appreciation for Deaf Culture. I have lived in California my whole life. I’m a Californian born and raised, but I moved to San Diego in 2016. When I’m not studying for the Interpreting, I am busy studying for my classes at UCSD where I’m majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Human Health. I hope to use my medical and psychological training for interpreting in the future. For fun I like to sew, kayak, and leathercraft. I’m honored to represent the Mesa ITP and look forward to working with the community.

Community Representative V: BIPOC

Razi Hall (2021-2023)

Deaf and a Florida native, Rodney “Razi” Hall lives and works in San Diego for Deaf community as a Deaf Interpreter. I’m  a native ASL user and he enrolled in the ASL Interpreting program at Mesa College to become a Deaf Interpreter. I  received a certification of achievement which allowed me to enhance my interpretation skills and knowledge. I conducts myself in a professional manner, able to work well with Team interpreter.

I worked as freelance Deaf Interpreter for a year. Now I works as staff interpreter for DCS as a Deaf Interpreter. I’m  working on becoming a Certified Deaf Interpreter.
In past time, I  volunteered for Deaf community service as front desk clerk, Adult Literacy Department as Instructional aide and One on one Tutor.
I tied to the Deaf Community. For most of my  life. I lived in the Deaf World. Serving in Deaf organizations, setting up Deaf events, working with Deaf people, tutoring ASL, etc.)

Past President

Nathan Brown (2020-2022)

Nathan Brown, NIC, is a nationally certified interpreter who has been in the field since 2005. He graduated cum laude from San Diego State with a bachelors degree in history. Nathan is a native to both San Diego and the Deaf community. Outside of work you can find him spending time with his family, enjoying the San Diego craft beer scene, and on perfect days - both.


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